New headquarters for Mestrezat

The summer 2018 is the beginning of a new adventure for Mestrezat Grands Crus. In fact, the company is making profound changes in keeping with the 2025 by Invivo strategy and is leaving its historic location in Rue Achard, near the Cité du Vin, in Bordeaux Halle Boca, Quai de Paludate, for new headquarters shared with its sister company Cordier.  


Part of a dynamic process to transform the company, modernize tools and achieve increased digitization, the new offices promote collaboration, create a friendly setting for teams and promote digital culture through changes in practices. “InVivo Group’s transformational and innovative approach is creating a new corporate culture. This far-reaching modernization must also affect the way we work an the Halle Boca facilities in Bordeaux fully satisfy our desire to promote a cross-functional approach, collaborative work methods and agility”, explains Philippe Laquèche, Managing Director of Cordier and Mestrezat. 

This newly redesigned space has a more contemporary style, in keeping with the up-market positioning of the Cordier and Mestrezat Grands Crus companies, and is advantageously situated as a duplex with a view of the Garonne. 


The Cordier and Mestrezat teams will therefore be moving to the south of Bordeaux (Quai de Paludate) this summer, to the dynamic and rapidly developing area of Bordeaux-Euratlantique (one of the most ambitious urban development programmes in France, targeting the creative economy and eco-friendly companies), near Saint Jean Railway Station. 



The Mestrezat Grands Crus teams are on hand to assist you and will respond to your request as soon as possible.